Mobile App Feedback 2023 Report:
User Insights in App Development

Unveil the secrets of user feedback to stay ahead. Make app development decisions with confidence.

Highlights of the Mobile App Feedback 2023 Report

Product prioritization as a leading challenge in app development

  • 56.2% of mobile app creators find product prioritization challenging, followed by issues in user engagement and retention, affecting 53.1%
  • Deciding which tasks to prioritize is the most significant challenge for 65.3% of Product Managers

85.2% of the surveyed mobile app professionals collect user feedback

Most respondents (66.7%) use at least 3 feedback collection methods

Including surveys in the feedback collection process increases its effectiveness

  • The most effective methods for collecting user feedback are the ones that include in-app surveys (65% Effectiveness Score)
  • When in-app surveys are excluded from the methods used, the total Effectiveness Score decreases to 57%
"Feedback analysis and categorization are especially difficult for us as we work in an omnichannel environment. While leaving feedback about our app, people also comment on our products, the state of our offline shops, or how nice the salespeople in those shops are. So, finding the comments related to our app and gathering them properly is sometimes a tough task."
Vladyslav Bartkowiak
Mobile App Operations Leader at CCC
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Vladyslav Bartkowiak
Mobile App Operations Leader at CCC

Combining multiple feedback collection methods is challenging for 83.7%

  • Only 16.3% of participants don’t have any issues with implementing changes based on user feedback
  • The number one difficulty in feedback implementation is analysis and prioritization
"AI saves time for both my team and me. It acts as a fast intern in the organisation. We use it heavily to read and summarise docs, find patterns and discover insights. In user research, we’ve used it as if it was a group of users who can give base-level insights about the research topic."
Kishan Pankaj
Senior Product Designer at Qashier
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Kishan Pankaj
Senior Product Designer at Qashier

Artificial intelligence can speed up the analysis and prioritization of user feedback

  • 42.1% of the respondents use ChatGPT or other AI tools
  • Most mobile app professionals use AI tools for feedback categorization, data analysis, research, and content generation 

Our audience

We know building an app is a team effort. That’s why we surveyed all team members involved in app development:

  • Product Managers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • UX Researchers
  • Software Developers
  • and others

Dive into the full report to get inspired by insights from your fellow industry professionals.

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Survicate is an effortless survey tool with all the powerful features you need for effective feedback collection.

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