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Collect contextual website feedback with targeted surveys

Ask for feedback with perfectly timed surveys. Understand the why behind your website visitors’ behavior. Use actionable data to boost conversion rates.
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Customize your
website feedback survey

  • 10-day free trial of paid features
  • Set up in minutes
  • No credit card required

Run website research effectively

  • Combine passive and active feedback collection
  • Use user characteristics, cookies or visit properties to target the right audience
  • Ask for feedback at the right time to get more responses
  • Configure advanced targeting to match the questions with user journey stage
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Start getting website feedback in minutes

  • Install the tracking code only once. Manage website survey scheduling without developers’ help
  • Browse through 400+ available templates or build survey from scratch in seconds
  • Easily integrate with your tool stack to receive real-time website feedback
  • Automate recurring website feedback surveys and save time to work on other priorities
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Analyze contextual website feedback

  • Increase response rate with personalized survey logic and automatic translations
  • See most common issues on automatically generated word cloud
  • Filter results by answer URL, answered questions, custom attributes and many more conditions
  • Track trends over time. Analyze the impact of implemented changes
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Get more user experience feedback
from your website surveys

Other tools
average online survey response rates
  • Lose website survey responses if a visitor doesn't submit the whole survey
  • Show web surveys out of context, which the audience finds annoying and ignore
  • Use soulless forms that people don’t trust enough to answer
  • Lose leads by collecting only anonymous responses
With Survicate
average online survey response rates
  • Save all survey responses, even for partially submitted surveys
  • Apply advanced targeting to engage visitors at the most convenient time
  • Personalize visitors’ experience and encourage them to leave feedback
  • Use the contact form to stay in touch with people interested in your offer
  • 10-day free trial of paid features
  • Set up in minutes
  • No credit card required
“The targeting aspect of website surveys, the number of question types to choose from and customizable attributes make Survicate the best survey tool I've ever used.”
Adam Coombs
Senior Manager of Digital Sales at Adidas
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Adam Coombs
Senior Manager of Digital Sales at Adidas

Build your product around user insights

  • Identify areas for improvement to create a frictionless user experience
  • Collect feature requests and contextual product feedback to fulfill your users’ expectations
  • Determine your product/market fit to optimize your offering and grow continuously
  • Improve your product usability, test new concepts and monitor user satisfaction
“The targeting aspect of product surveys, the number of question types to choose and customizable attributes make Survicate the best survey tool I've ever used.”
Adam Coombs
Senior Manager of Digital Sales at Adidas
Read the case study
Adam Coombs
Senior Manager of Digital Sales at Adidas

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Measure and improve customers’ satisfaction with your company’s products and services
  • Track your NPS score to gauge customer loyalty and use the findings to raise your online ratings
  • Design and deliver a winning customer experience that drives continuous business growth
  • Identify why customers leave to minimize the cost of new customer acquisition and boost ROI
“Survicate has all we need to do NPS. We can measure NPS via any channel, calculate the scores, analyze results, and automate following up with detractors, passives and promoters!”
Michał Skurowski
CEO at Livespace
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Michał Skurowski
CEO at Livespace

Set up your website feedback survey in 3 steps

Step 1. Install surveys on your website, CMS or e-commerce platform

  • Install the Survicate tracking code once and run an unlimited number of surveys with it
  • Use one-click Segment, WordPress or Google Tag Manager plugins and never slow down your website
  • Start from expertly-made website survey templates or build your survey from scratch

Step 2. Target website feedback surveys to address visitors’ journey

  • Decide where the survey should be displayed. Set up flexible URL conditions and survey triggers
  • Configure audience settings to collect feedback from specific visitor segments
  • Define survey frequency to receive continuous feedback

Step 3. Turn feedback into an optimized website experience

  • Ensure all data and visitors’ details are managed safely in GDPR compliant tool
  • Get an overview of your sentiment over time. Easily filter individual responses
  • Compare data in web analytics tools to better understand website satisfaction survey results
“We started running surveys with Survicate within minutes and within budget, what a great value for money! In the past we needed multiple apps to get customer feedback. Now we have all we need with a single subscription.”
Luke Deka
Full Stack Developer at CrewScale
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Luke Deka
CEO and Founder at Growbots

Use native integrations to connect your
tools and website feedback software

Optimize user journey

  • Combine feedback with web session recordings
  • Filter sessions by survey responses to understand user journey insights
  • Determine where and why users drop off by linking feedback with conversion funnels

Track the impact of website changes

  • Ask users upon exit intent and match their answers with on-site behavior
  • Analyze survey results based on traffic and behavior segmentation
  • Create user segments based on survey responses

Reuse survey responses on other platforms

  • Add Survicate as a new destination to your Segment workspace
  • Set custom automation with Zapier integration
  • Enrich your website experiments with survey responses

Automate follow-up actions

  • Ask leads for feedback about your brand before handing them off to sales
  • Create new prospects with Survicate contact forms
  • Trigger workflows based on survey responses

Collaborate faster on website feedback

  • Receive Slack or MsTeams alerts and react immediately
  • Discuss new ideas based on user feedback from web user experience form
  • Share survey results with the team via Google Sheet updated in real-time
“I love how the Survicate & Slack integration helps my team receive CSAT and NPS responses in real time and follow up immediately if needed. These responses are fed directly from the integration Survicate has with Zendesk!”
Brandon Zisa
Director of Client Success at Vestwell
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Brandon Zisa
Director of Client Success at Vestwell

Optimize website experience to get more customers

Run website user experience surveys to know what visitors think about your pricing strategy, product pages, website experience or design. Create a smooth experience to increase your conversion rates.
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